Fleenor Cemetery #23  
Washington County, Virginia, USA  

Cemetery transcription and all photos 
by Valerie Boman, Debra Branigan and Charlie Barnette - June 2007 and August 2010


Note:  We are using the name "Fleenor Cemetery #23" to be consistent 
with the well-known book "High on a Windy Hill" by Catherine Sanders McConnell.   
Each person noted in Fleenor Cemetery #23 in this book is listed below. 
If we were able to find their tombstone, there is an icon 
to the right of their name.


Directions:  From Abingdon, Virginia go northwest approximately 7 miles 
on Highway 19 to Mendota Road, then turn left (west) and go 
approximately 4 miles to 12008 Mendota Road. 
The cemetery is on the banks of the Holston River - on private property
behind the house at this address.
Ask for permission to access the cemetery.

Coordinates: N 36.766733  W 82.152751   elevation: 1369 feet  


This small, rural cemetery is comprised of a total of approximately 
19 inscribed tombstones and unmarked graves . It is located in a farmer's field, 
 and because of grazing cows many of the tombstones are broken, 
partially buried, or otherwise destroyed.

Click on the icon to the right of each name to view tombstone photos.  

Please note the asterisks* after various names throughout the index.
* signifies that this particular person appears on our personal genealogy website, and is connected to our family. A great deal of information might be contained on our website for those particular people.  This website can be reached by going to the following site:  andis.azboman.net


Buckles, Amelia  

Buckles, Harvey G 

Buckles, Sarah Frances  

Fleenor, Claude Morton Jr  

Fleenor, Cora C  

Fleenor, Harvey G  

Fleenor, Jane   *

Fleenor, Newton W  

Fleenor, Robert   *

Gillenwaters, infant  

Ingram, William    

Knott, Elizabeth  

Kenedy, Elizabeth  

Linder, Harmon J  

Linder, Cyntha E  

Linder, Eliza Jane  

Linder, Elijah G  

Linder, Mary  

Price, Adaline   *

various fieldstones and illegible markers






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Last updated November 09, 2010

Valerie Ann (Biberdorf) Boman and Debra (Larson) Branigan - 2007